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Simple VCO - Simple Virtual Compliance Office is a set of modular tools and services to help you organize and manage security and regulatory compliance, provide and document training, complete risk analysis etc.

​Simple VCO supports compliance with NIST 800-171 protection of Controlled Unclassified Information, HIPAA, State data protection laws etc., and includes guidance and services from certified security professionals.

“Initially my SimpleVCO scores were in red and yellow (40%-70%), in the middle of the second year of SimpleVCO subscription I added Bizwit security monitoring services - which I’ve never really had time to do. I receive monthly status reports that also tell me what to fix from security standpoint, what to update, when to complete certain compliance tasks. My third year security and compliance scores are yellow and green (80%-100%) and I believe security of my systems is better, it is documented and I have necessary compliance documentation in place.
Jonathan L. MD - Nephrology Practice Owner”

Simple VCO

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