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It is important for you to note the following key provision of the Bizwit LLC Privacy Policy:

Collection of information

We may ask you to complete certain documents and provide specific information when you engage in any business relationship with the Bizwit LLC (e.g. contractual agreement, request for quote). We limit the collection of information on purpose - to protect your privacy. In most cases we will only collect information considered public, which usually includes following elements: first and last name, company name, address, telephone number, email contact information. In some instances we may ask our business partners for additional public information e.g.: employer identification number (EIN) or certificate of good standing issued by the Secretary of State, and we will provide the same information about Bizwit LLC for your documentation purposes as needed. We may contact you by phone, mail or electronic means to verify or obtain additional information. We also enable you to make inquiries with the Bizwit LLC through the website, email or in writing, we may ask you for certain information during your inquiries to verify your identity. The documents you submit to Bizwit LLC, inquiries you make through the website, phone or in writing, as well as any additional information you provide during business engagements will be used entirely for the specific purposes described in those engagements.

Information automatically collected and stored.

To improve our website we may employ analytical tools like Google Analytics or other automatic tools collecting web statistics through cookies or other technologies. When you browse through our web site, certain personal information about you can be collected during your visit e.g.: Name of the domain or IP address you use to access the Internet; Geographical location of your IP address; Date and time of your visit; Pages you visited, documents you copied or downloaded; Address of the web site you came from when you came to visit etc. This information is only used for statistical purposes to assess website traffic, and no additional information will be collected about you. However, we encourage you to practice safe use of Internet and periodically check your computer and Internet browser privacy and security settings. You will find many useful tips and information at

Disclosure of information 

We will not share any information we collect from you with third party for any purposes including marketing, and we will do our due diligence to keep your information confidential. We may disclose your personal information with third parties like a regulatory authority, law enforcement, or other governmental authority. The Bizwit LLC currently incorporates passwords, encryption and other physical and procedural safeguards to protect against unauthorized access to information. We educate our employees and business partners about the terms of this Privacy Policy, business confidentiality, and why it is important to be mindful of information privacy and security. Bizwit LLC does not disclose, give or sell any personal information about our clients or website visitors, unless required for law enforcement. If you have any questions regarding our Privacy Policies, please contact Bizwit LLC at (614) 589-5896.