"We have completed security risk assessment for our nephrology practice for the last 2 years internally, in 2014 we decided to use third party to help us with this task. BizWit LLC risk assessment added more security focus and technical analysis of our IT infrastructure, which helped identify issues, we and our IT support were not aware of. In meetings with our IT partners, Robert advocated on our behalf to help us improve our security and compliance documentation...It was well worth it to have an independent perspective on our practice security posture."
Beth H. - Practice MU Coordinator

Our clients include solo practitioners, professional physicians organizations, small and medium size specialty practices, home healthcare providers, government organizations, software vendors and other business associates.

Government organizations can purchase our services from the GSA contract, which provides a third party (GSA) verification, and assurance of certain contracting and service standards. You can also download our Capabilities Statement

"BizWit LLC risk assessment provided us with good understanding of how our policies and procedures need to be updated, and gave me and our IT vendor clear feedback on security issues that need to be addressed."
Mary H. - Business Owner

our clients

“Initially my SimpleVCO scores were in red and yellow (40%-70%), in the middle of the second year of SimpleVCO subscription I added Bizwit security monitoring services - which I’ve never really had time to do. I receive monthly status reports that also tell me what to fix from security standpoint, what to update, when to complete certain compliance tasks. My third year security and compliance scores are yellow and green (80%-100%) and I believe security of my systems is better, it is documented and I have necessary compliance documentation in place.
Jonathan L. MD - Nephrology Practice Owner”

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"BizWit LLC risk assessment provided visibility into our franchisees' operations and their privacy, security and compliance issues. The assessment will help corporate office develop better strategies to improve company-wide standards, policies and best practices."
Director of Standards and Quality

“We were part of a larger, office wide credentialing process, but the HIPPA audit was a significant part. 
The inspector was in my office, asked “what I would do if I walked in tomorrow and discovered that there was a data breach?”  I said, well to be specific, I would have to consult my Office Policy  and Procedure guide... I pulled up the policy... scrolled down to VI, Security Policies and Procedures - Data Breach, I clicked on the link ... she looked at it ... then looked at me and said “ I think that is more than sufficient “
Larry B. D.C. – Health Center Owner