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How much will information security consulting services cost?

We approach our clients with straightforward and transparent pricing models:

Per project cost - most of our risk analysis services are based on per project basis. We ask for information about your infrastructure, your needs and we come up with the plan and estimate to deliver professional service.

Subscription based services – Some of our support services are based on monthly subscription fee. Services are based on per organization/per device/per service fee.

Consulting services – Estimating time and effort to deliver certain customized services is difficult if not impossible in some cases, thus hourly rates are used in those situations. We develop project objectives, identify milestones and deliverables. You will be provided with timesheets documenting time spent on assignments. We utilize technology to minimize costs, but in some engagements site visits and travel are necessary. We love Southwest Airlines and Marriott Courtyard or Residence.

We like to be treated with respect and provided with understandable, written estimates, contracts and invoices – We will treat you the same way. We accept credit card, PayPal, check and EFT payments.

We try to keep our costs low, so our prices do not include surcharges for boats ;o), we offer transparency and we guarantee honest service that meets AHIMA and ISACA ethical and professional standards.

Service costs