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Th 2016 Edition of the Practical Guide for Healthcare Providers and Practice Managers provide basic understanding of HIPAA standards and implementation specifications.

  • HIPAA Summary Overview - what you need to know
  • Step-by-step risk management implementation guide
  • Risk self-assessment tool example
  • HIPAA awareness quiz​

This guide is simple and concise and contains examples of draft policies and procedures. Updates reflect 2013 HIPAA Omnibus chages.
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HIPAA Privacy and Security Compliance - eBook (PDF)

"This is the most direct, useful, and practical resource for HIPAA compliance I have seen. It is clear, relevant, and helpful in ways other resources fail. It is simple enough for beginners to handle, yet deep enough for experts to find useful..."

"I have been using this book to help the organization I work for become HIPAA compliant. I especially like the 'reasons why' for changes and the 'how to' explanations.  I also very much appreciation the style, short and to the point.  Thank you for making this book available."
Program Manager of a foster care program.